Strategic workplace change to support business evolution.

StatePlus | Sydney, Australia

FutureSpace undertook an evaluation of StatePlus' (formerly SSFS) existing workplace as a starting point for the development of their future workplace.  The initial work included an online WEBB (Workplace Evaluation and Behaviour Benchmarking) Survey to better understand people’s level of satisfaction with their existing space and how well it supported people in undertaking their work. A user study was also undertaken with FutureSpace spending a week in StatePlus' workplace to record patterns of behaviour and space usage.

This information was presented to the Executive Leadership Team at StatePlus as a starting point for the development of their future workplace strategy.  The Workplace Strategy developed 8 key principles for the future workplace: connecting people, providing flexibility, embrace best practice design, providing a great environment, maximising natural light, supporting collaborative + individual work, embracing new technology and creating a new aesthetic.

StatePlus' workplace is designed to facilitate an imminent move to a paperless environment. The planning was also developed to enable the development of more agile workstyles including the potential for implementation of ABW in the future.

Australian Interior Design Awards 2015 – shortlisted