KPMG Innovation Lab | Sydney, Australia

The KPMG Innovation Hub, located in 155m2 of the Barangaroo tower, Sydney is a space dedicated to innovation and emerging technologies. KPMG have recognised that a different type of space promotes a different type of thinking and so the hub was envisioned as a destination that was unexpected and that immediately challenged old ways of both thinking and doing.  Located within KPMG’s client floors on Level 26, the goals for the Innovation Hub were to “provide an environment that stimulates ideas needed to solve the most complex business problems of the future”.

Futurespace worked with KPMG to design a space that showcases technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, drones and other state of the art devices and systems.  The space also needed to support events such as hackathons, launches, workshops and co-creation activities with both internal KPMG teams and external clients.  There are 6 staff permanently housed in the space and due to the highly collaborative nature of the space, inherent flexibility was important.

The design solution included bringing nature into the space in unexpected ways, such as the inverted suspended pot plants and dividing walls made of plants.  The idea behind this was that visitors would enter the space and immediately understand that their thinking would be turned ‘upside down’ and that new ways of looking at old information are an important part of the activities occurring in the hub. The design solution also included the integration of technology and nature with these two things co-existing seamlessly.

Our team worked with KMG to design the Innovation Hub around three key ideas – ‘collaborate’, ‘play’ and ‘ideate’.  Via this environment, the process of problem solving can be completed in many different ways allowing KPMG to forge ahead with insights into the future. 

To fly through the space in 3D, click here.