Lobby and common areas design for A Grade building.

Australand Rhodes Corporate Park, Building F | Sydney, Australia


Futurespace assisted Australand as part of a team of consultants working on the final commercial tower to be developed at Rhodes Business Park in NSW (Building F). Our role was to design and develop the podium level entry lobby of the 7 floor A grade building. We also provided a design for the lift lobbies on each typical floor level and for the amenities throughout the building. The premise of the lobby and foyer design was to provide a warm, welcoming space that was easy to navigate and created a sense of prestige for both visitors and tenants.  

Due to the building’s fire engineered solution no combustible materials were to be used and so the design was created from a palette that included stone, glass and ceramic tiles. A combination of natural and man made products were used to provide warmth, contrast and orientation for the building’s users.

The podium entry includes a double height atrium space. futurespace designed a 6 metre high sandstone wall with shiplapping detail and concealed vertical lighting to provide presence and impact to this space. The flooring is large format reconstituted stone in light and dark tones to provide contrast and assist in breaking down the large floor area in order to lead pedestrians through to the lift lobby. The entry to the lift lobby features stainless steel blades which wrap from the floor and under the mezzanine level ceiling. This element is light, welcoming and breaks down the large voluminous space to a human scale.

In addition to this our team prepared a set of plans for each typical floor showing potential tenants just some of the possibilities for occupying the space. The typical floor finishes are light and bright, and selected to appeal to prospective tenants. The lift lobby walls are lined in white colourback glass with yellow detailing providing a connection from the podium lobby design to the typical floors.