Agile working for renowned global advertising brands.

McCann + CMG Group | Sydney, Australia

McCann + CMG Group had outgrown their existing premises both philosophically and physically and engaged FutureSpace to design their new workplace. The group now occupy 5,000m2 at Royal Naval House in Grosvenor St, Sydney.

McCann + CMG group consists of 10 brands – each has their own different work style and ethic. Some brands/business’s are predominantly accommodated in offices, others are predominantly open plan whilst still others have embraced ‘activity based’ workstyles. The overall design solution is one that meets the individual’s working needs, the business’s overall goals and objectives and the landlord’s leasing objectives
(in that they wanted a leasing solution for the entire building). FutureSpace worked directly with McCann to develop the brief and menu of spaces they required in their new premises. Our team helped them to identify the unique needs of each business through the provision of appropriately designed and equipped work environments encouraging collaboration and flexibility.