A fun and sophisticated interior with seamless connection to the outdoors.

Zenith Childcare Centre | Sydney, Australia

The design of Zenith child care centre is inspired by ‘outer space’ which is reflected in the built elements, finishes, colours and fixtures.. The design also incorporates as a minimum both DOCS and Willoughby Council’s best practice design guides.

Two large playrooms are located either side of a central amenities/services core. Not only does this provide an efficient and easily managed space for the operators but in turn centralises all plumbing penetrations to ensure minimal impact on ‘The Zenith Centre Theatre’ located directly below.

Integration and coordination of base building services and existing conditions was imperative to the success of the project and FutureSpace worked closely with the services consultants to achieve this. All selections to do with energy, appliances, finishes, fixtures and furniture have been made to reduce their impact on the environment and provide a safer indoor air quality for children and staff.