REA Melbourne Showroom


Photo by Nicole England 2017


New REA Group showroom highlights invention

REA Group opened its new 310m2 showroom space in its global HQ on Church Street in Richmond, Melbourne.

The new showroom was previously occupied by Woolworths, but has now been renovated to become a shared invention and customer space for REA Group.

The showroom is fitted for multiple uses, but most importantly demonstrates some of the emerging ideas and technologies that REA Group is developing.

Managing Director of Futurespace, Angela Ferguson said, “The challenge for this design was connecting the old grocery store with the brand-new REA Group office behind to create one cohesive space.”

The new space highlights the advanced technology of REA Group, with state of the art tech overlay embedded into the design.

“Interactive screens, VR and AR were included as an integral part of the experience for visitors”, said Ms Ferguson. 

“The whole environment is about showing off the technology that REA are utilising and how they stand out from competitors in terms of innovation and exploration of new ideas.”

The showroom is also designed to cater for functions and events, while also providing spaces for employees to engage in quiet work.

“The space features a café, large meeting rooms, six house shaped booths that represent each of the six values of REA, as well as a library which is hexagonal in shape,” said Ms Ferguson

The showroom aims to attract clients and offer an innovative experience that aligns with the REA Group brand.

Nigel Dalton, Chief Information Office at REA Group Melbourne said, “This project was more about extending the experience that had previously been created for our people, in our agile workplaces in both Sydney and Melbourne, to our clients.”

“The space is calming and soothing for the visitor and they can focus on the experience rather than be overwhelmed by it.”

The REA Group Melbourne showroom aims to inspire ground breaking ideas, and foster creativity and imagination.

“There are rooms where people can think, rooms where people can create, rooms for experimentation, planning and connecting.  There are rooms that you can escape to, and rooms that bond people together. Most importantly, the showroom is a space that is designed to inspire.”