Photo by Toby Peet 2018


The MinterEllison project is an example of a law firm commencing its journey into new ways of working in a manner that is considered and tailored to the specific needs of the organisation.

Futurespace recently worked with MinterEllison, one of Asia Pacific’s premier law firms, to create a new Activity Based Work environment. The new environment is in addition to the floors occupied by Minter Ellison in Governor Macquarie Tower.

This is the first time that MinterEllison has adopted new agile work methodology, so the project is an important milestone in the firm’s evolution. The primary objectives for the project were to adopt new ways of working and to deliver a sustainable ‘one office’ culture

Change management was critical to the project’s success. There was a well-defined change process from the early sketch planning phases through to post occupancy, occurring in parallel with the design process. Futurespace worked closely with Montlaur (as change mangers) during the initial consultation and workshopping phase and also participated in “all staff” presentations of the new workplace concept.

The design references the materiality of the existing workspaces in Governor Macquarie Tower whilst creating a new topography and menu of spaces to support MinterEllison’s people in adopting new more agile ways of working.