AMP Museum


Sydney, Australia | 2008


Contemporary display of heritage and history.

Our team worked with AMP to create an exciting museum space within an un-used area of L26 of AMP’s 50 Bridge St site.

The space was to showcase AMP’s rich history as one of Australia’s oldest companies specialising in insurance.

We worked closely with Graphic Designers the Parcel Group and AMP Archivist’s to produce a dynamic corridor space that takes you on a journey though AMP’s past. 

The space includes a back lit moving wall that displays many of AMP’s historical images,  an “electronic book” which is a touch screen that helps you navigate through hundreds of pages of historical books, and a mega graphic of Sydney’s Circular Quay when 50 Bridge St was the tallest office building in the CBD. and set within the “Graphic Wall”  are display cabinets housing antiquated objects of interest to AMP’s past.