Working with respected interior and architectural designers

At Futurespace we are passionate about the power of design and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. That’s why, as a team, we are focused on designing spaces that will remain relevant in the future. 

When you work with Futurespace, you work with some of Australia’s most respected interior and architectural designers. Our people are focused on collaboration and co-creation and the relationship between people, physical space and technology.

Futurespace is led by a highly experienced team of directors with a proven track record of producing outstanding results on every project.

The Futurespace team is composed of experienced strategic consultants and interior and architectural designers with creative skills that have been built over years of delivering design services to the world’s best businesses and brands.

Our talented designers work openly and collaboratively with all clients – understanding that innovation and agility are the foundations of all that we do.

Hand-picked for their initiative and cutting edge approach, the Futurespace team has a reputation for excellent customer service, being highly organised, consistent and proactive. 

Angela Ferguson

As the Managing Director and Co-owner of Futurespace, Angela helps clients create future focused, innovative, intelligent and practical physical spaces that inspire and add value. She is an award winning businesswoman who has worked with many of the world's leading and most innovative companies.

Stephen Minnett

As Founding Director, Co-owner and Workplace Strategy Leader at Futurespace, Stephen works with a diverse range of clients to develop bespoke workplace strategies that address their future business needs and play a fundamental role in their success. 


Gavin Harris

As Design Director of Futurespace, Gavin applies his vision and expertise to every project ensuring the physical spaces designed and created by Futurespace are future-focused, intelligent and practical to enhance people’s lives and businesses.

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Joseph daly

As a Technical Director at Futurespace, Joseph pushes the boundaries of how interiors can be approached, designed and delivered, providing a full overview of all technical aspects of the client’s design from the very initial stages of projects to delivery.