Johnson & Johnson Pacific

Sydney, Australia

Johnson and Johnson Pacific (JJP) were closing their NSW manufacturing plant and its offices and therefore needed to relocate the staff into the CBD into their existing premises.

Our brief was to design an open plan workplace for 90 staff as well as provide training, meeting and boardroom facilities.

The new premises were formerly a wool store warehouse features original timber ceilings, beams, joists and columns. Our overarching design concept was based on ‘packaging’ and related to the building’s heritage as an old bond store, as well as the nature of the JJP team’s tasks.

The entrance into JJP incorporates a double glazed wall filled with Mylanta and Listerine bottles. This idea grew out of a need to recycle as much as wanting to acknowledge the heritage of the JJP team in their present incarnation.

Further representations of this theme include plywood lining used for the storeroom walls and shipping containers used as a graphic motif throughout the office.

Whilst there were no heritage restrictions the design is sensitive to the building’s envelope. Partitions, doors and joinery are self supporting avoiding any direct fixings to the building’s structure in order to work in harmony with the architectural environment.